How Work-Life Balance Impacts Recruitment.png

How Work-Life Balance Impacts Recruitment

Improving work-life balance has been one of the most popular topics all year. Our article discusses how work-life balance impacts recruitment.


The Stress Interview

Stress interviews can be a controversial topic. Our article discusses this complex type of interview.


The Great Resignation Period

The Great Resignation is an ongoing economic trend that has affected many businesses over the past years and will likely affect more in the future. The recruitment team at GCS Malta discuss this phenomenon in the following article.


A Guide to Researching a Company

Knowing how to research potential employers is crucial to an effective job search and can even help give you a leg up in the interview. 


Recruiting in an Employer-Driven Market

With an everchanging recruiting market, it is crucial to be aware of how to attract top talent no matter which market you are recruiting in. Our article focuses on four strategies to tackle the employer-driven market.


How to Write an Effective Job Posting

Writing a good job posting is an essential part of the hiring process since this is the candidates' first impression of you! Our article outlines the best process to write an effective job posting.

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How to Ace Your Interview

While an interview can be a piece of cake for some, it can also be nerve-wracking for others. The recruitment team at GCS Malta have already outlined what you can do to prepare before the interview, but what should you do after to ace it?



Different Types of Interviews

Whether you’re conducting an interview or attending one, being aware of the different types of interviews will help you feel more prepared to ace your next one.

Strategies to Attract Top Talent.png

Effective Recruitment Strategies to Attract Top Talent

The recruitment process is vital to any company. Our article outlines four effective recruitment strategies to successfully attract top talent.