7 Sourcing Mistakes Recruiters Make

7 Sourcing Mistakes Recruiters Make

  1. Neglecting Passive Candidates: Recruiters often prioritise active candidates, overlooking the value of past interactions with potential hires. This limits your talent pool and might result in missing out on valuable potential hires, impacting successful placements with our clients.


  1. Job Ad Overreliance: Many recruiters depend on job ads and mistakenly consider a high number of applications a success. However, this approach often means that active candidates may not fully understand the job posting, leading to confusion, mismatched candidates, and time-wasting in the sourcing process.


  1. Superficial Profile Review: Recruiters often contact individuals based on specific LinkedIn keywords, neglecting a thorough profile review. This can damage the recruiter's reputation and hinder potential networking and collaboration opportunities. More effort in understanding profiles can lead to better matches.


  1. Understand your industry: Recruiters who don't research industry specifics may struggle to answer candidate questions during screening calls, which can hinder successful placements. A proficient recruiter should offer a comprehensive understanding of the position and company, making candidates more comfortable and eager to proceed with their application.


  1. Hasty CV Judgments: Avoid quick assumptions based on CVs; schedule a brief screening call to better gauge a candidate's suitability for the job. This will result in a more informed decision and potentially successful hiring.


  1. Single LinkedIn Search: To broaden your candidate pool, gain deeper candidate insights, and find the best talent for your openings, you need a multifaceted approach. Relying on a single search can limit your options, excluding candidates without LinkedIn profiles and risks mismatching talent for the job.


  1. Silent Recruiters: In today's competitive job market, recruiter silence after candidates show interest damages trust and causes future skepticism about working with recruiters.