Mentoring in a remote workplace.png

Mentoring in a Remote Workplace

Remote working is becoming the norm rather than the exception. Our article discusses best practices to successfully mentor remotely.

7 Ways Companies and Employees Benefit from Flexible Work.png

7 Ways Companies and Employees Benefit from Flexible Work

With a move away from traditional ways of working, the most sought benefit has become flexibility, while companies decide on new normal.

Streamlining your recruitment process through AI.png

Streamlining your Recruitment Process through Artificial Intelligence

Whenever Artificial Intelligence (AI) is brought up in recruitment, many doubt whether this technology will improve workflow or complicate matters. The fantastic recruitment team at GCS Malta discuss the benefits and challenges of implementing AI in your hiring process in this article.

Recruiting In Todays Remote Working World.png

Recruiting in Today’s Remote Working World

New challenges come with the new age of hybrid and remote working, especially when recruiting new remote candidates.


Hiring Remote Employees

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work forever. There is now a 400% increase in remote work that did not exist before the pandemic, with at least 74% of companies planning some form of a shift to remote work.



Working Remotely The Introvert’s Dream and The Extrovert’s Nightmare.png

Working Remotely: The Introvert’s Dream and The Extrovert’s Nightmare

While introverts rejoiced with the swap to remote working, extroverts struggled to adapt. Our article tackles this new recruiting challenge.

The New Generation Gen Z in the workplace.png

The New Generation: Gen Z in the Workplace

A new generation is making its way into the workplace. Now, modern companies are comprised of four generations – each with its ideology, priorities and demands.


How Work-Life Balance Impacts Recruitment.png

How Work-Life Balance Impacts Recruitment

Improving work-life balance has been one of the most popular topics all year. Our article discusses how work-life balance impacts recruitment.


The Stress Interview

Stress interviews can be a controversial topic. Our article discusses this complex type of interview.