The Group Interview

What is a group interview?

Panel and group interviews are the two varieties of group interviews. A group interview is when the same interviewer simultaneously interviews several candidates. The most typical settings for group interviews are in the hospitality, retail, and food service sectors.


On the other hand, panel interviews involve several members of a hiring team interviewing a single job applicant. The recruiting managers, pertinent team members, and an HR representative are frequently present during the interview.

The effectiveness of group interviews

Compared to other interview methods, group interviews provide several distinctive advantages. As a result, you're more likely to find group interviews to be successful if your company uses them with these benefits in mind.

  • The organisation will interview multiple candidates at once, saving hours of labour.
  • One of the job requirements could be being a team player. During a group interview, you will see this skill in action, giving you a clear answer on how candidates work with each other.
  • A group interview will indicate who works best under stress and who will be the best fit in the company’s culture.

How to conduct a group interview

  • Inform the candidates. Inform the candidates that the interview will utilise a group format, allowing them to prepare for the format specification.
  • Meet and communicate with other interviewers. All members should be on the same page before the interview, discussing the format, such as who will ask which questions and how candidates will be evaluated.
  • Introduce yourselves. This is the first thing to be done once the interview starts. All members should introduce themselves, identify their role within the organisation, and explain the importance of being present in the group interview.
  • Debrief. Once the interview concludes, members should share their impressions and thoughts.

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Article by Neil Psaila