Top Tips when recruiting young people

When recruiting young people, a tailored strategy approach must be used to appeal to and engage this generation properly.

You must understand their mindset to be successful in recruiting young adults.

The mindset of young adults

  • Young individuals generally value free time over monetary gain and believe they work to live, not to live to work.
  • They favour a less regimented work schedule with room for flexibility.
  • Young individuals still value corporate success but love working with a purpose. Nowadays, much more attention is paid to the brand, whether they can relate to the business, workspace activities, and whether their values match. Importance should be placed on the commitment to diversity, equality, and mental health.
  • Many young adults still value work security and professional growth, but they might emphasise expanding their skill set within their current position more than traditional linear advancement.
  • Culture and health are essential.

Ways management can match the mindset of young adults.

  • Create workspace benefits that make the company unique, such as simple events such as ‘Bring Your Pet Day’ or ‘Burger Day’, which go a long way.
  • Allow flexibility, allow the option of working remotely, but also give reasons to report to the office.
  • Some may feel shy and hold back from asking for help at a young age. Providing a mentor can help with communication and guidance.
  • Young adults will talk about their workspace with others, giving them positive experiences to provide a good company image is key.

One has to keep in mind that this might be the first experience of the young adult; therefore, being considerate and offering support is crucial.

Why GCS Malta?

Did you know that 41% of our employees are under 25? At GCS Malta, we support young adults during their studies. Check out our careers if you are looking for an opportunity!

Article by Neil Psaila