Red flags that indicate your top performers are about to quit

Companies may end up in a situation where their top performers resign out of the blue.

We reviewed some red flags for determining if your top performers are about to quit.

  • No meaning in work
    If your employees no longer finds significance in their work, that is a clear sign that they are unhappy.
    This might occur if you need to convey to your team the broader picture, how their contributions fit into it, and the organisation's objectives.
    Even if your person is a good performer, they need help finding purpose in their work, especially if it involves just transactional or physical tasks and little interaction with co-workers.
    The fact that their work doesn't provide them with any sense of fulfillment or make them feel like they've accomplished anything prevents them from understanding how valuable they can be to the organisation.
  • Lower engagement and productivity
    When noticing a decline in productivity, your employees might be on their way out. Research has shown that 73% of disengaged employees seek another opportunity. Management should have casual conversations with employees, asking them about their jobs, how they feel, and what could be improved.
  • Visible stress
    Signs of stress lead to quitting if nothing is done. Exhaustion, lower productivity, and mental distance are all signs of stress affecting mental health. This burnout happens because management does not focus on improving the well-being of employees.
    Management should find ways to reduce employees’ workload while encouraging them to ask for help when loaded.
  • Work Avoidance
    This indicates that your top performer is fed up with the workload. They might not like their work anymore due to some changes. Showing that you value and appreciate their work is critical. Listen to their problems and act on them to retain the employee.

Early notice of these signs will help you act on time to retain the employee potentially. These might be little things that management might not realise, which leads to the top performer quitting.

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Article by Neil Psaila