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Effective Recruitment Strategies to Attract Top Talent

The recruitment process is vital to any company, and with many workers considering a job change within the year, it is essential to find ways to stand out from other employers. The Recruitment team at GCS Malta have outlined 4 effective recruitment strategies to successfully attract top talent.

What is a recruitment strategy?

A recruitment strategy is a plan of action that helps you successfully identify, attract and hire the best candidates for your vacancies. You can opt for various strategies, from posting on job boards to using a recruiting agency.

While adopting different recruitment strategies, remember that hiring has now become all about the candidate experience—the series of interactions that a potential hire has with your company throughout the recruiting process.

Develop an employer brand

By developing a clear employer brand, you garner the most chance of successfully attracting and hiring top talent and standing out from other competitors. Although possibly the most challenging strategy to accomplish, 72% of recruitment leaders claim this significantly impacts hiring success.

When focusing on building your employer brand, keep in mind that your employer branding needs to reflect your company’s mission, values and culture. Your employer brand is what makes people want to work for you; ask yourself, ‘Why would someone want to work for this company?’ After some reflection, team up with a marketing department to focus on creating a website, social media accounts and advertisements that align with your now established employer brand.

Create captivating job posts that reflect your company

A job post will establish the candidate’s first impression of your company. Aim to write compelling job descriptions that truly represent your company’s culture since this will attract suitable candidates to apply. Consider the following tips when writing your next job post:

Choose an accurate title

Highlight your company culture

Open with a compelling summary

Include the core responsibilities, skills and requirements

Social Recruiting

Social recruiting is a popular recruitment strategy that allows you to share job postings on your entire network. The use of social media is increasingly important when targeting millennials and other prospective employees since it offers a way of reaching more candidates and a form of communication. Remember to create a social media presence that aligns with your employer brand and company culture. A simple yet effective way of doing this is by sharing photos from the office or company events.

Target passive candidates

Now that you have set up your social media use this to your advantage when recruiting passive candidates—currently employed candidates who are not actively looking for employment. Passive candidates are usually the most qualified, and by personally reaching out to them, you might be making them aware of better opportunities. Adopt a long-term talent acquisition philosophy to target top talent when recruiting.

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Article by Sarah Jane Gauci