How to Write an Effective Job Posting

Writing a job posting is an essential part of the hiring process since this is the first thing potential candidates interact with—and remember, first impressions matter!

Crafting a compelling job posting allows you to stand out from the thousands of other job postings and eventually determines whether you attract average talent or top talent. The Recruitment team at GCS Malta have outlined some steps to guide you write an effective job posting.

Starting the writing process

Job postings should be tailored to attract the best candidates and are usually posted on company career sites, staffing agency websites and social media. Before writing the actual post, perform a thorough job analysis as reviewing competitor job postings might aid you when writing your own. In addition, aim to keep your job posting within the 300–700 word range since longer posts tend to attract fewer candidates. Lastly, it is crucial to structure your job posting well. Most job postings follow this structure:

  • Job title
  • Job description
  • Qualifications and skills
  • Salary and benefits

Besides these sections, do not forget to incorporate aspects of your company’s culture, mission and values because this will attract suitable candidates for your company!

Job title

Choosing the right job title is vital as 36% of job seekers search for vacancies using the job title. Here are some tips for writing a compelling title:

  • Avoid internal lingo
  • Be clear and concise
  • Do not overinflate the job title
  • Be specific – include accurate key phrases

Job Description

A job description typically includes two components: the job summary and a list of job responsibilities. The summary is usually written in paragraph form and gives a general idea of what the position entails. When writing the summary, make sure to:

  • Open with a strong summary
  • Include job location
  • Keep your statements short
  • Include details about company culture
  • Address the candidate directly: ‘You will...’

Next comes the list of responsibilities and duties in bullet form. Here’s a checklist to follow:

  • Highlight the five most essential job duties
  • Use the present simple rather than the present continuous tense
  • Explain the day-to-day activities of the role
  • Specify how the position fits within the company

Qualifications and skills

After reading the job description, candidates will want to know if they have the right requirements for the post. Create a list of your required skills, such as previous work experience and educational achievements, and preferred skills, such as being familiar with specific software. Do not add every requirement for your ideal hire because this will deter potential hires from applying.

Salary and benefits

Although 1 in 4 job seekers claim that compensation is the most important part of a job posting, many companies still opt not to disclose salary information. Including a salary range can help your job posting stand out. Besides salary, you should also include company benefits such as flexible hours and medical insurance as this might push a candidate to pick your company over another.


When the job posting is written, send it to other department members to review it and provide their honest feedback.

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Article by Sarah Jane Gauci