How to Prepare Before the Interview

Reread the Job Description 

Although this may seem obvious, rereading the job description will help you feel more
prepared for the Interview. Try underlining specific skills you think the employer is searching for and reflect on what you can offer the company.

Research the Industry and Company
Researching the industry such as the firm’s competitors will help provide a leg up in the Interview.

Next, do some research on the company itself. Find out what the company’s goals are through their socials, and how you can be the right fit.

Lastly, if you know who your interviewer is, try finding out more about their career and their position in the company.

Prepare your Selling Points
Having done the previous steps, you should now have a clearer idea of whether you are the right match for the company and if you want this position. Try to prepare 3-5 key selling points. Keep in mind ‘what makes you the best candidate?’ For example:

  •  I have good communication skills
  •  I have ample work experience within the industry
  •  I have the necessary educational requirements

Besides having your key selling points, establish a reason you want the job—show that you are really interested!

Anticipate the Interviewer’s Concerns
To be memorable, you need to stand out. Ask yourself what your limitations are and prepare your defence: ‘Although I don’t have this certificate, I am still the right candidate for you because…’

Review Common Interview Questions

By searching and going through common interview questions, you can better prepare yourself to answer them. Besides common questions like: ‘Tell me about yourself’, you should also reflect on your age, status and the position you are applying for to anticipate further specific questions.

Line up questions for the Interview
Prepare at least 3 intelligent questions to ask the interviewer.

  • Question about the job – ‘How will my performance be measured?’
  •  Question about the company – ‘What do you like best about working here?’
  • Question about company culture – ‘How would you describe the company culture?’

You have done all the research, so don’t let it go to waste! The next thing to do is practice out loud. Aim to sound clear, confident and convincing.

Be Prepared with items you need to take
Make a list or prepare your bag the evening before. Here are some items you might need to take with you to your Interview:

  • Pen
  • Portfolio
  • Copies of your CV
  • Directions of how to get there
  • Notebook with your pre-written questions

Plan Your Interview Outfit
Finally, prepare what you will be wearing before. Pick something which adheres to the company’s dress code and something that you feel confident in.

You are now ready to ace your Interview!

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Article by Sarah Jane Gauci