Different Types of Interviews

Whether you’re conducting an interview or attending one, being aware of the different types of interviews will help you feel more prepared to ace your next one. In addition, different companies use various interviewing methods. Therefore, the exceptional recruitment team at GCS Malta has outlined different types of interviews to guide you for your next interview.

Traditional interview

This is the most common interview type and is usually held one-on-one at the company’s office. The interviewer focuses on asking questions relating to the job position and can last between 30-90 minutes.

Behaviour Based Interview

The behaviour based interview (BBI) focuses on asking specific behavioural questions about past performance in similar situations to predict the candidate’s future performance.

An example of a behavioural based interview question is: “Tell me about a time your team had a conflict while working together on a project. How did you handle this situation?” Aim to answer in detail and try to structure your response in the following manner:

the situation

the task

the action

the outcome

Stress Interview

Although experts are divided on the effectiveness of stress interviews, in this type of interview, the interviewer assesses how the candidates perform under extreme pressure. There are different tactics the interviewer can opt to use:

Odd silences

Constant interruptions

Provoking questions

Group Interview

This type of interview is typically used when a company is hiring more than one candidate for the same job position. Therefore, you will have to compete directly with the other candidates in a group interview. Additionally, the potential candidates are sometimes called for a face-to-face or panel interview after the group interview.

Panel Interview

A panel interview can be pretty intimidating since at least two people are now assessing your performance rather than one. The panel could include HR, the hiring manager and the supervisor, as well as other members of the hiring company. Since multiple people will be asking questions, try to build rapport with each member on the panel.

Video Interview

Video interviews are increasing in popularity, especially with companies hiring remotely where candidates are geographically distant from the company. Video interviews can be either:

Live – through video conferencing software

On-demand – through a series of recordings

Since they take place remotely, video interviews allow recruiters to engage a bigger pool of applicants. If you have a video interview, make sure to:

Choose the appropriate attire – dress professionally

Check your technology – software, microphone, webcam

Check your background – aim to present an uncluttered background

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